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Explore the wild worlds of web3 together with the Lamb Duhs! Join a community of builders and educators with a focus on onboarding and training inquisitive minds in the space

The original inhabitants of the Duhverse
  • Pioneers of the Duhcademy
  • Yields off-chain RIFT token for use in the Discord economy
  • Unrevealed utility to be featured in “Project Empyrean”
  • Due for an upcoming fancy metadata upgrade!
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Lamb Duhs

Fully animated friends from another world
  • Variants of the PX Duhmension
  • Yields off-chain RIFT token for use in the Discord economy
  • Grants beta access to the upcoming NFT Worlds experience
  • Subject to further special P2E access features within World #749
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Lamb Duhs PX


Welcome to the Duhverse

Enroll in the Duhcademy and level up your web3 skills
  • Join a friendly community that’s passionate about helping others get started in the space
  • Listen in on presentations, hop in live sessions, and take practical training courses to prepare for the journey ahead
  • Highlighted topics
    • Layer 1 blockchain mechanics
    • DeFi and NFT ecosystems
    • Project evaluation and trading
    • How to contribute / participate in the space
    • How to launch your own project (coming soon)
Put your hooves up and have some fun with the #lambfam
  • Experience the metaverse in our upcoming NFT Worlds build, initially featuring a beautiful hub overworld and our first game - “Wool Wars”, a PVP minigame inspired by a popular Minecraft multiplayer gamemode called “Bedwars”
  • Play for prizes in party games such as Marbles, Gartic, Poker, Uno, Jackbox, Among Us, and more in weekly scheduled events with the community in our Discord server


What are Lamb Duhs?
  • The original collection of the Duhverse, Lamb Duhs was launched by a small group of college friends on August 21, 2021 at a mint price of 0.022 ETH as an experimental and exploratory software project inspired by developer communities and the open source technical learning environments that sprouted from them
  • Drawn by the insanely talented female artist Roxilla, the collection houses 8500 digital lambs generated from 360k+ possible trait combinations with an abundant variety of faces, outfits, accessories, and colors
  • Features a one of a kind rarity system, with 6 different tiers determined by a total point value between 2-8 points. This value is calculated by adding up the points from each trait accessory, with each head and body accessory being worth between 1-4 points depending on how unique they are
What are Lamb Duhs PX?
  • The second collection of the Duhverse, Lamb Duhs PX will consist of 4000 expansion lambs reimagined in a gorgeous fully animated pixel artstyle with no duplicate trait combinations from the original collection
  • Before the public sale, a snapshot was taken of all holder addresses - every 3 OG lambs in your wallet was be able to claim 1 free PX during the limited time claim/presale period, with every claimed PX having a special effect applied to the art
  • Grants access to the beta release of our build on NFT World #749, with further features to come in the full release
What’s next?
  • Mysterious metadata upgrade for the original Lamb Duhs, which will come into play for the yet unrevealed “Project Empyrean”
  • Further Duhcademy development to include beginner web3 developer training, such as an introduction to reading/writing smart contracts
  • Further NFT Worlds development, with more games and more ways to play!